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Car Import Check / Car Export Check

An Imported or exported vehicle check from CarDotCheck reveals to you whether the vehicle you are willing to buy is imported or marked as an exported vehicle. If you find a vehicle that is marked as Exported by DVLA, It is recommended not to buy that vehicle. Obtaining a car import check can help you buy the right car that suits your needs.

It is best to check if car is imported before buying

If a vehicle has been marked by DVLA as exported therefore deemed ‘unregistered in the UK by DVLA’, what protection is offered to the public? i.e., an unsuspecting buyer might fall for such a car unless he knows how to check; In terms of the Vehicle Registration, details are removed from the database to prevent fraud.

What about a DVLA imported vehicle?

After checking that the vehicle you are going to buy is marked as imported doesn’t mean that you should not buy that vehicle, maybe you should reconsider buying that vehicle. Because imported vehicle costs more than the vehicle you buy inside the country. It is advisable to get a car import check before buying.

The replacement parts are very much hard to find and while replacing such spares may induce compatibility problems with the vehicle itself. It makes a huge impact in terms of the value of the vehicle as well as the depreciation cost. Sometimes the vehicle parts replacement would cost you more than the vehicle’s lifetime cost.

Buying without knowing that the vehicle is imported could cost you more than expected, as it is not that easy to sell this vehicle again, it has a very low resale value.

What about a DVLA exported vehicle?

When it comes to export, once the vehicle has been marked as exported by DVLA, the concerned vehicle should not be in the country. Because each data about that vehicle registration is erased by the DVLA so that no one can clone the original vehicle’s identity. It is good to perform a dvla export check before getting a used car.

Is it difficult to insure a DVLA Import Vehicle?

Insurers are usually wary of insuring imported cars, as there is the added complication of EU standards that most import cars fail to comply with. Car insurance providers may increase the interest rates for such DVLA imported cars. If you intend to buy an import car, cost-cutting can be done by utilizing the help of an import car insurance expert.

We will discuss further on the types of imports that can be brought into the UK and how knowing the difference between them can make it profitable for you. Get to know what a grey import is, along with parallel imported vehicles and personal import vehicles.

The influence afflicted on your insurance rates may be less depending on the vehicle’s origin and how it was imported. There are different types of import that need to be considered namely: –

Grey Imported Vehicles

A few vehicles that have never been accessible as standard in the UK; frequently don’t fit in with EU benchmarks. The most mainstream autos from the grey import market are high-detail American or Japanese models. Grey import vehicles are regularly the hardest to insure— they cost more to fix as parts are difficult to get hold of, and there’s a higher danger of robbery as the vehicles are under their radar. Performing a car import check can keep you aware of the issues you could face while getting a used car.

Parallel Imported Vehicles

Parallel imports are vehicles that likewise have a comparable UK model. These vehicles are commonly imported from the EU, so they conform to UK guidelines. The effect on insurance rates could be negligible. They may even have some non-standard specifications that may trigger insurance agencies to exceed your premium rates.

Personal Imported Vehicles

Rather than purchasing an imported vehicle through a vendor, you may import a vehicle yourself — regardless of whether it’s a grey import or parallel import. You will be in charge of enrolling and taxing the vehicle and the vehicle must be insured before it is driven in the UK. There is one of a kind issue with insuring a personally imported vehicle

If you are a non-UK occupant and wish to carry a vehicle to the UK when you come here to visit, live or study, you should be protected to drive on UK streets. You should tell your insurance agency if your vehicle is an imported model — in case you don’t know, look at the V5 record to discover your vehicle’s origin.

Free Car Import Check at CarDotCheck

CarDotCheck recommends everyone willing to buy a used car to check beforehand the details about the vehicle in every manner. Performing a DVLA Car Import Check can put you way ahead of the game by improving your knowledge base about the car that you intend to buy, this helps in cost-cutting and saving money in the long run as stated above, import cars could be more expensive to insure than UK cars Our Pro Check reveals the Import or Export status of the vehicle at a small cost.

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  • “Get Simplified Car Import Check from CarDotCheck”

How can I check if car is imported?

Obtain whether a car is imported / exported by performing a Car Import Check

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